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The Doug & Elliot Comic Series



     This is the story of a couple of guys in the midst of  facing the challenges of living on their own for the first  time. Starting off as complete strangers, Doug and Elliot find themselves sharing an apartment in a small, backwoods Canadian town. Together they have to figure out this "responsibility" thing, and most importantly, learn how to survive in the unforgiving adult world. Lessons like these don't come without a hefty dose of wrong turns, craziness and humour. Along the way, they become good friends, and realize just how important it is to have someone else along for the ride.

This comic is an ongoing series with a slow-burn romance. The story is broken down into seasons, which are divided into different episodes (or chapters.)

Season 1 : Summer

     Doug puts out a call for a roommate, and Elliot responds. Things start off awkwardly, as Elliot quickly discovers how odd Doug and his apartment really are. As Elliot starts to make himself at home, the guys are forced to get along through cohabitation, which eventually leads to a tentative friendship.





Season 2 : Fall

Coming Soon!








Extra Comics

     Along the main storyline, there will be spontaneous extra adventures. These will be a variety of different genres and styles. They're basically so I don't get bored doing the same thing all the time!  



 Doug Huggum

     Doug is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a touch of xenophobia. He rarely takes anything seriously, and so relies on Elliot to get him through IRL situations. He is extremely nerdy, and most of his time is spent on the internetz or playing video games. He loves history, and often makes references to historical events that nobody else has heard of.


Elliot Leblanc

     Usually stoic and unimpressed, Elliot rarely lets his true feelings show. He always has a sarcastic comment on hand, and never hesitates to remind Doug of what a reject he is; however, underneath that cold exterior hides a desire to be needed. In his spare time, Elliot likes to read, and has a secret passion for cooking. Brimming with ambition, Elliot's on a quest to constantly better his lot in life.


Malcolm Wong

     Malcolm is one of Doug's oldest friends, and they often spend time together in coffee shops, procrastinating and discussing life issues. Malcolm comes from a wealthy family, and his parents are constantly pushing him to excel. Despite their pressure, Malcolm just wants to read manga and eat sweets.


Professor M. Cookie (Mitchell)

     Known as "da Prof" for short, Professor M. Cookie is determined to become a rapper despite his white-bread origins and his inability to write lyrics. Despite the fact that da Prof likes to appear as a womanizer with unwavering gangsta swagger, in reality he's a nerdy straight-A student.


Leanne Brown

     Despite being the token female of the group, Leanne's only real rival in terms of manliness is Elliot. Leanne keeps an impressive collection of video games and YGO cards, and does not hesitate to beat the guys every time they attempt to play.