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     New fan art is always welcome. If you want to draw us some epic DNE art, you can send it to us via email or private message me through our webcomic host, Comic Fury. :] All fanart will be credited back to you, so please provide your name or screen name, and a link to your dA account or website if you have one. Also, I'm always open to art trades if you would like me to draw your favorite anime character or OC in return!


Cast Bookmarks Cast Cards Chibi Doug
by Manda by Manda by Tsukkana
Chibi Doug Companion Cube Piggy Back!
by emmapeelwannabe by Kuro_nee-chan by Starstruck - Mirage
Let's Play Bishi Elliot Art Trade
by SillyArtist by Kuro_nee-chan with FiaFreckles


Doug & Elliot Epic Xmas Card Valentine
by MEL-Dungeon by Arcron by Cloud9


DNE Word Bubble Pillow!! Adorable Elliot Plushie Mario-themed DNE painting
by Neeta Kirby by Neeta Kirby by Leo


This awesome art has been given to me by super awesome people! Thank you so much!
Remember, witholding fanarts only makes Elliot grumpier.